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Now you can safely ignite consumer fireworks from a safe distance. Simply clip the Talon Igniter onto the green fuse of the firework and connect to your favourite firing system. It's that easy!

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Instructions For Use

1) Open the Clip
Carefully move the wire so it comes out the side of the clip and not out the back. This will allow the mouth of the clip to open wider.

2) Placing Igniter on the Fuse
Open the clip mouth and place over the fuse. Do not insert the fuse in from the side.

3) Secure with Tape
Cover the clip, the fuse and part of the wire with a piece of strong tape. This will provide strain relief in event the fuse gets pulled on.

4) Preparing the Wires
Peel the two wires apart and fold the exposed copper in half. This will provide better contact with the cue terminal.

5) Inserting into the Firing System
Insert the folded wire into the center of the cue terminal. Do not squeeze the red and black clips. The spring pressure will hold the wire in place.

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