Return Policy

Returns of Explosives (Fireworks, Smoke Grenades and Sparklers)

WE DO NOT ALLOW RETURNS OF EXPLOSIVES. Once a Class 1 Explosive has left our care and supervision, we cannot attest to its proper storage and handling. As a result, we cannot safely resell the item to another customer.

Stored under relatively cool, dry conditions, Fireworks, Smoke Grenades or Sparklers will keep indefinitely: they do not spoil. If you purchase these products and are unable to use of them for their intended occasion, rest assured that they will be safe and in working order for your next occasion--even if that is long into the future.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding Fireworks storage.

 Returns of Non-Dangerous Goods (Confetti, Flying Lanterns, LED items, etc.)

You can return any NON-DG product you purchase from us within 30 days if it is unopened. 

Please note the following conditions:

Return-Shipping fees (if applicable) will apply.
Returns made within 1-7 days from the receipt of your purchase will be issued a full refund.
Returns made within 7-30 days from the receipt of your purchase will be issued a Store Credit.