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  • Antari FT-20 Fire Training
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    Antari FT-20 Fire Training

    Easy Use, Easy Go !

    FT-20 is a battery-operated portable smoke generator, capable of providing long time operations with massive fog output.  

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  • Antari FT-50 Fire Training
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    Antari FT-50 Fire Training

    FT-50 is a compact, light-weight smoke generator with tremendous output volume compare to others in its class. Off power operation feature offers fire brigade mobility to move around and fill fog in training scene. 


    Newly designed heater block better preserve the heat to increase operation time when off power. Simple operation with a handle-mounted button, output volume can be adjusted through knob on the back panel. 


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  • Antari FT-55 Fire Training
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    Antari FT-55 Fire Training

    FT-55 smoke generator is the upgraded version of FT-50 smoke generator. It comes with wired remote and optional wireless remote.

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  • Antari FT-100 Fire Training
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    Antari FT-100 Fire Training

    FT-100 is the first smoke generator from Antari specifically designed for fire training purpose.

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