SL-5 Snow / Foam Liquid

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SL-5 : Designed for use in either Snow Machine or the S-120 Foam Machine.SL-5 Snow liquid is a water-based formula that is safe, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. S-120 Foam Machine can only work with SL-5.

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Antari water-based snow and foam fluid. Specifically formulated for water-based snow and foam machines. SL-5 is a general snow liquid. It takes longer time to vaporize and is generally used for applications that require an abundance of snow accumulation.

Liquide . neige et mousse . base d’eau. Con.u sp.cialement pour les machines. neige et mousse utilisant un liquide . base d’eau. Le SL-5 est un liquide . neige de base. Il est plus long . vaporiser et est g.n.ralement utilis. lorsqu’une abondance de neige accumul.e est requise

Available sizes / Grandeurs disponibles :

SL-5 5L - Available in boxes of 4.

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      SL-5 Snow / Foam Liquid

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